Our Story

Gabby’s Garden is dedicated to my beautiful sister, Faye.

My husband, Nick and I have been in the food industry for most of our adult life, 25 years and counting. In 2009, when the economy took a turn for the worst, it forced us to leave our true passion and change careers. My husband worked in retail, while I worked as a nanny.

In 2012, our family received heart-breaking news, my sister, Faye, was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer at the young age of 46. Faye, being the health conscious person that she was, believed that the body was made to heal itself. For that reason, she chose the holistic approach to treat her disease. As a family, we respected her decision and supported her unconditionally.

Faye completely changed her diet; she abstained from animal protein, began juicing organic fruits and vegetables, and consumed a very healthy diet. Her new lifestyle took a lot of effort.

Faye, being one of the nine siblings, was fortunate enough to get all the help she needed. One sibling drove her children to games and practices, one cleaned her house, one shopped for groceries, and one went to her doctor appointments with her. I decided that I would take on the role as being her personal chef.

My goal was to make her delicious, nutrient dense, protein rich, salads that fit into her strict diet plan. I began experimenting with different ingredients and flavors, Faye loved all of the salads. Friends and family enjoyed them also, encouraging us to get back into the food industry and continue to pursue our true passion.

This became the start of Gabby’s Garden, which we opened later that year, named after our eldest daughter, Gabrielle. Our mission was to prepare healthy, delicious, salads that could be available to everyone that was looking for great, healthy food, fast.

Unfortunately, we lost Faye to cancer in April of 2014, leaving behind a loving husband and three young children. We know she fought a tough battle against a life threatening disease. She fought this battle on her own terms, she did what she believed in and kept her faith in God. We know that her beautiful spirit will always be with us. She will forever be in our hearts.

Our salads are not only delicious, they also offer a variety of important personal health benefits. We encourage you to be good to your body, so your body can be good to you!

– Wesson Kassab, Founder